Mark Albin

Resilience is trust - if you can trust, you are resilient. Can we really trust?

Life presents itself as a series of challenges. Just as the tree meets with the heat of the sun or a cold rain and then adapts, we human beings are constantly in relationship to the atmosphere around us and integrating ourselves a new. When our connection to the current of life feels easily accessible, our naturally resilient human nature does its work. We become more and more alive and insightful. We discover wonderful qualities within ourselves and in other people. Creativity flows into the process, our unique ways of moving, living, relating, and expressing. In touch with our deeper resources, we feel a natural sense of confidence, even in unexpected, unclear, and uncomfortable situations. Secure in insecure moments, stable in unstable conditions, enduring when overwhelming things happen, we move in a flow, think in a flow, and trust life.

It has become a huge challenge for many people. to trust that our resilient nature is accessible. We and/ or the people around us can become trapped in anxiety, stress, and strong emotions. Sometimes we doubt, feel insecure, destabilized, and weak. We hardly breathe.

In my Resilience Workshops, we learn about ourselves, how we see the world around us, and how we behave within it. We recieve tools to overcome physical heaviness, the mental tension, and the doubts that are detrimental to our natural, trusting approach to life. We are reminded of our connection to breath, our body, our life energy, and our fresh clear mind. These assets are there for us. We see that we have the capacity to be energetically present, flexible, and indeed resilient. We trust ourselves, which makes it easier to trust others, and trust life.

Mark Albin

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